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Knots of Code

Multidisciplinary Arts + Machine Intelligence project involving the history of Khipus


About the project

Knots of Code is a multidisciplinary Arts + Machine Intelligence project that involves various sub-projects and includes subjects such as current and possible applications of ML algorithms for artistic and audiovisual creation, as a tool for archaeological research, and an experimental path for literary compositions, in this case, poetry generation. Deepfakes that go by this line, as controversial as they can be, ultimately reflect ourselves and our society, blurrying the line separating man and machine, questioning what is what makes us human, as the ML algorithms are commonly used to either mimic our voice, our looks, our literary expressions, our creativity, and, finally, how we think we think.

The project goes beyond this subject when discussing the possibility of other types of human technologies that were never allowed to evolve to their full potential: khipus, the pre-columbian data-storing cord and knot system used widely in the Andes before, during, and even after the Conquest of the Americas, sprouts from a seemingly different tradition than most numerical and/or writing manifestations of antiquity; not based in notations on paper, rocks, or mud tablets, this information system was created for and from textile fibers. What this type of soft technologies could have developed into will remain an open question, relevant nowadays as wearables and smart textiles become commonplace.

Knot Of Code's Modules